NextGen Crowdfunding Announces Investor Commitments in Title III Equity Crowdfunding Pass $10 Million Milestone

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From BusinessWire.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NextGen Crowdfunding, the leading company that helps people explore investment crowdfunding, announces that investor commitments into Title III equity crowdfunding campaigns have surpassed $10 million. NextGen is tracking Title III companies through the “NextGen Dashboard,” which displays progress of investor commitments since the new SEC crowdfunding regulations took effect in May.

“This is a positive sign that Regulation Crowdfunding continues to be a viable and promising option for both entrepreneurs and investors.”

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The new Title III rules – also known as “Regulation Crowdfunding” – enable even first-time investors to fund startups online with as little as a few hundred dollars of investments. Using Title III crowdfunding, companies are able to raise up to $1 million.

“As we head into the six month mark since the new Title III rules took effect, the marketplace reflects steady and continued growth,” said Aubrey Chernick, founder of NextGen Crowdfunding. “This is a positive sign that Regulation Crowdfunding continues to be a viable and promising option for both entrepreneurs and investors.”

The companies that have closed their Title III campaigns with the highest levels of investor commitments include:

  • Beta Bionics, Inc.: $1,000,000
  • Brewer’s Table East Austin, LLC: $396,500
  • Cleveland Whiskey LLC: $731,164
  • Hops & Grain Production, LLC: $1,000,000
  • Legion M Entertainment, Inc.: $1,000,000

Important information on NextGen Dashboard chart data and accuracy can be found here.

More information on Title III commitments passing the $10 million milestone can be found here.

About NextGen Crowdfunding

NextGen Crowdfunding helps Americans explore the new era of equity crowdfunding. With unique in-person events and live streaming video content, NextGen enables individuals to discover, research and support specific companies launching crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen’s unique Ignition Events showcase the companies and emerging businesses presenting equity crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen also provides educational content, including online webinars, boot camps and videos, to inform the public about equity crowdfunding. NextGen also provides education to, and visibility for, companies with equity crowdfunding campaigns. As a purpose-driven company, NextGen aims to encourage entrepreneurship and help spark a new economy. Visit


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